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Thanksgiving Outfit

I wore this on Sunday to go celebrate a second Thanksgiving with some family. I have a dozen different shades of brown and grey going on here as well as many different patterns and textures, but I really like how it turned out. Oh hey, I never wished you all a happy Thanksgiving! How was [...]

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How to Wear Summer Dresses in Colder Months


I was going to do this post last week…but I didn’t. I have some sleeveless dresses that I LOVE. But in the past, I’ve always just packed them away when the weather got chilly. I’m not going to do that this year, though. So to inspire me (and hopefully you) to make those dresses work [...]

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A Million Ways to Wear Chambray

Well, I’m not actually telling you a million ways you can wear a chambray blouse, but simply that you CAN wear it a million ways. But here are a few of my favorite ways you can sport this timeless, useful piece. I just ordered one (Yes, I gave in and ordered one new. BUT it [...]

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Today I spent some quality time with my best friend and my sister. It was lovely. It was also windy. This skirt is a hassle in the wind. This is what happens when my sister tells me how to pose… sweater: secondhand Gap; skirt: secondhand 21; shoes: secondhand J. Crew;

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Knight in Shining Armor


I had quite a fabulous Valentine’s Day. How about you? I suppose my friends Hannah, Molly, and Eliza made do as my “valentines.” I got chocolates and (fake) flowers and candies and cookies and bagels from these and other awesome people. Classes didn’t meet today because my school is just so festive they decided to [...]

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I Can Knit!

Picture 21

See that fabulous circle scarf? I MADE that this weekend. I’m quite proud of myself. I tried knitting once when I was younger but I didn’t get very far because I wasn’t patient. Now I’m taking a fiber arts class, so I relearned and I enjoy it now. It’s kind of meditative. I’ve also learned [...]

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My schedule issues are FINALLY resolved, so I’m happy I also got my hair cut today, so I’m REALLY happy. my head was getting pretty shaggy. (these photos are from before Christmas) I really like this sweater. I try to avoid collecting cardigans because I own way too many, but sometimes I can’t resist. sweater: [...]

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A Grey Day

Today I finally got my haircut. It’s been so long…and my hair had gotten so long…that I now feel bald. It’s soooo short! Today’s outfit was just a random jumble of things I felt like wearing…a mint tank, my newspaper necklace, a few new things I’ve never worn before. My hairdresser complimented my outfit though, [...]

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