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Yellow, White, and Blue


I love yellow and blue together. And after wearing this lovely outfit, I’m getting rid of both the skirt and the shirt. Neither of them fit very comfortably. I also desperately need some room in my closet, so I’m trying to get rid of some things I don’t wear very often. I have some ideas [...]

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Barefoot Shoe-Lover


So I didn’t really wear shoes today. I intended to wear these shoes, but I only wore them long enough to walk to and from my car. I took them off while I worked. Going barefoot is my preference. That’s really one odd thing about me. I love shoes. I love getting new shoes. I [...]

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No Curls, No Color


I finally wore a black and white outfit…and I won’t be doing it again anytime soon. I’m not sure if it was the lighting or the fact that I wasn’t wearing any color (probably a combo of the two), but my pictures of this outfit turned out pretty bleh. I looked really washed out and [...]

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Tropical Colors


Two items in this outfit I’ve been anxious to wear for some time and just have yet to incorporate them into an outfit: this top and the hat. I love the bold floral of the top and I knew I wanted to pair it with stripes. It’s just SO BOLD I was a little hesitant [...]

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I’ve Got a Mullet!

high-low skirt

Ever since this whole high-low skirt trend started, I’ve been kinda on the fence about it. Sydney (The Daybook) covered that in a recent post…perhaps they have some magical leg-lengthening powers on tall people. I’ve never¬†tried on a high-low skirt that I’ve liked, until this one. I think the pleats are what drew me in [...]

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Blue Vintage Hat


Several months ago, I bought some really cute vintage hats from Etsy. This is my first time actually wearing one. I love it so much! I’m really excited to wear the other one. It’s an ivory short crown bowler hat and the ribbon has black stitching on the edges. This skirt is fine for indoor [...]

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Babysitting Outfit


I wore this last week to babysit three kiddos. It was my first experience babysitting, unless you count playing with toddler neighbors and friends’ younger siblings. They’re cool kids, so it was fun. I’ll likely be watching them a lot more in July. They like art, so it’s easy to keep them and myself entertained. [...]

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Shapes and Letters


When I was wearing this geometric print top, my mom looked at me and asked, “What does your shirt say?” Well, it says nothing. They’re just geometric shapes, I told her. She insisted that it says “Old Navy” over and over, even after I explained that it’s not an Old Navy top. Haha! I can [...]

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Striped Maxi Dress & Asheville Fun


I spend my weekend exploring Asheville, North Carolina. It’s such a cool place! First of all, it’s in the Blue Ridge Mountains so it’s beautiful. Asheville doesn’t have the feel of a huge, bustling city, but it still has the culture. For people who love food like myself, it’s perfect. We visited the co-op while [...]

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Growing Up


This is what I wore for a client meeting today. I love the mustard with the deep red, and I think they compliment the black and white pattern beautifully. I like the tulip sleeves on this top – they make it just a little more special. (Side note: look at that lush veggie garden behind [...]

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