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From the Archives: Minnetonka Moccasins

I was looking back at my archives, and I’m quite sure my three pairs of Minnetonkas win the most-worn-shoes award. I’ve collected all of the outfits I’ve featured here so you can see how versatile they truly are. Dresses, jeans, summer, winter, I’ve worn them with everything, everywhere, in all sorts of weather. The moccasins [...]

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Moccasin Love


I’m still thawing as I type this…it’s really cold and windy outside! Have I ever told you how much I adore Minnetonka moccasins? I lived in my skimmers in college, but these thunderbirds definitely get the most use now. I also have some fringe booties, which I’ve featured in a few outfits (see here and here). I [...]

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The weather this weekend was unseasonably warm. Yesterday we actually had a record-tying high (74˚F). Though I typically like the weather to stay appropriate to the season (I have yet to see snow this year), I did enjoy our brief warm spell. This is what I wore on Saturday. I love this dress – it’s [...]

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An Anthropologie Adventure

Go enter my GIVEAWAY! I got these red tights for 50¢ (they’re Hue, which are usually $10-$15 a pair). I almost didn’t get them because the bright color kind of intimidated me and I didn’t know how I would wear them. I figured it’s only 50¢ though, so who cares if I never use them. [...]

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A Casual Skirt Outfit

I didn’t get home until after dark yesterday, so I couldn’t really take pictures outside. Thus the lousy indoor pictures. At least there’s still some greenery. This is the first time I’ve ever worn this shirt with a skirt. I definitely think I prefer it to the other ways I’ve worn it. It’s kind of [...]

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Orange Extra

This is a very easy, laid-back outfit, but all I did today was go to target to get hair conditioner (other than letterpress class, but I wear an old tee and blue jeans there so I don’t ruin my good clothes with paint). I didn’t get a detail shot of the necklace, but it’s beads [...]

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I decided today that I would avoid the internet ALL DAY until I had (most) everything I needed to do DONE. I didn’t turn my computer on and check email/Facebook during breakfast like I normally do. I read for class instead. I didn’t turn my computer on until 2:30, and only then to study. I [...]

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Artsy Smock

Today has been quite a day! In addition to receiving some interesting news, I burned myself while steaming my shirt this morning. Ouchie! It took several hours for the pain to subside. I should be doing homework, but I have been wasting SO MUCH TIME on Pottermore! I finally got access, but since so many [...]

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