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Fall Textures

fall textures

When you want to dress for fall, but the weather is a bit too hot, here’s what you do: wear tweed shorts (the kind you’d wear in cooler weather with tights), a thin scarf, and cute booties.  Top: secondhand. This top is a sheer lace fabric. I wear it with a nude camisole underneath.I like [...]

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Glimmer of Spring


I braved the 46˚F spring weather, coatless, to take these pictures. Why is it still so cold?! Do you ever plan an outfit in your head…only to have it totally fail when you actually try it out? I had planned to wear a green sweater with these jeans for a monochromatic look, but I didn’t [...]

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From the Archives: Minnetonka Moccasins

I was looking back at my archives, and I’m quite sure my three pairs of Minnetonkas win the most-worn-shoes award. I’ve collected all of the outfits I’ve featured here so you can see how versatile they truly are. Dresses, jeans, summer, winter, I’ve worn them with everything, everywhere, in all sorts of weather. The moccasins [...]

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Patterns x 3


Today I had a nice long lunch with one of my best friends, then a little later I had a three hour Skype date with another of my best friends. I was not the least bit productive today, but time spent with amazing friends is time well spent. I don’t get to see either of [...]

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Park Adventure


My sister Marion is on spring break this week and the weather is beautiful, so we went to the park for a while. The below pictures are at the veteran’s memorial, baseball field, and river walk trail. I was supposed to be working (freelance), but I had just gotten an email from the Architecture department [...]

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Moccasin Love


I’m still thawing as I type this…it’s really cold and windy outside! Have I ever told you how much I adore Minnetonka moccasins? I lived in my skimmers in college, but these thunderbirds definitely get the most use now. I also have some fringe booties, which I’ve featured in a few outfits (see here and here). I [...]

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The weather this weekend was unseasonably warm. Yesterday we actually had a record-tying high (74˚F). Though I typically like the weather to stay appropriate to the season (I have yet to see snow this year), I did enjoy our brief warm spell. This is what I wore on Saturday. I love this dress – it’s [...]

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Cozy Sweater Lesson


So this was a day when the desire to be warm was more overpowering than the desire to look great. It’s not terrible, but I wouldn’t wear this combo again. The shape of the sweater (length in particular) and the shape of the dress just don’t work together. But the sweater…it’s from Ireland…and it’s warm…and [...]

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An Anthropologie Adventure

Go enter my GIVEAWAY! I got these red tights for 50¢ (they’re Hue, which are usually $10-$15 a pair). I almost didn’t get them because the bright color kind of intimidated me and I didn’t know how I would wear them. I figured it’s only 50¢ though, so who cares if I never use them. [...]

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A Casual Skirt Outfit

I didn’t get home until after dark yesterday, so I couldn’t really take pictures outside. Thus the lousy indoor pictures. At least there’s still some greenery. This is the first time I’ve ever worn this shirt with a skirt. I definitely think I prefer it to the other ways I’ve worn it. It’s kind of [...]

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