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Evening Shadows


Harsh shadows still exist at 5pm! That’s exciting because it means the sun is still above the trees…which means the days are getting longer…which means SPRING IS COMING! See how I styled this necklace last time here. My outfit was inspired by this outfit Sydney of The Daybook wore (third picture down). I love the orange and [...]

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Valentines Day Shoes


Sometimes the hardest part of putting together an outfit is deciding what shoes to wear…at least for me. Today I had that problem. I’m still not sure which shoes I like best with this outfit, so I just took pictures in every pair I considered. My verdict was on the cowgirl boots, but after looking [...]

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Perpetual Rain


So just pretend these pictures are supposed to look “vintage.” It has been raining non-stop all week. I looked it up on NOAA, and we’ve received somewhere around 3 inches of rain since Monday. I was out of town all day yesterday (eating sushi with a partially numb mouth, among other things), but I was [...]

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The dentist told me she liked my outfit…then she told me I need three fillings. She asked if I drink a lot of soda and fruit juice. Haha! I never drink soda and rarely processed fruit juice, I prefer my coffee unsweetened, and I only occasionally put honey in my tea. Outfit tip: Wear a [...]

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Christmas Outfit


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! I’m still trying to force myself back into productive mode. I COMPLETELY failed today…this blog post is the most productive thing I’ve done. I wouldn’t be in such a rush if I didn’t have a few grad school application essays to write and a portfolio to finish [...]

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Red, Orange, and a Giveaway Winner!

The red (or burgundy)/orange pairing has been popular lately (see here and here). Since I love both colors, I gave it a try. Here’s my take on the combo. Are there any interesting color combos you’ve seen lately that you like? shirt: secondhand cardigan: secondhand Talbots jeans: secondhand J. Crew scarf: secondhand shoes: Crown Vintage [...]

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What’s to Come

These are the last of my stocked up photos. I’m excited to start putting together some new outfits that are a little more creative than these last two have been. I’ve actually been having so many outfit ideas lately that I started writing them down…I’ve never been much of an ahead-of-time outfit planner, so that’s [...]

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Catching up on posts! These were taken in mid October, and look how green it was here then! I’m so used to living in my college town in the Shenandoah Valley where fall comes when you’d expect it to, so now that I’m home…not in the mountains…I felt like fall was never going [...]

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The Curly Noodle Detective


I’m not used to it getting dark before 8pm yet. So once again, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures until after dark. I bought this jacket in late spring so this fall is really the first opportunity I’ve had to wear it. My dad thinks it looks like a detective jacket. My sister [...]

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First Fall Outfit of the Year!


Look at that crazy hair. Actually, it was a lot crazier a few weeks ago. The length it was a few weeks ago was too short for my natural curls to manifest themselves but also too short to straighten easily, so it just threw a headband on most days and said who cares. Now that [...]

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