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Outfit Collages

I’ve decided I’m going to try out a new approach to this blog. I find that I’m really unmotivated to take pictures of myself everyday…that’s really my only excuse for not posting as of late. I love putting together outfits and I love sharing them, I just don’t love taking pictures of myself. So I’ve [...]

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Striped Maxi Dress & Asheville Fun


I spend my weekend exploring Asheville, North Carolina. It’s such a cool place! First of all, it’s in the Blue Ridge Mountains so it’s beautiful. Asheville doesn’t have the feel of a huge, bustling city, but it still has the culture. For people who love food like myself, it’s perfect. We visited the co-op while [...]

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A Palatable Palette


One of many reasons I enjoy the fashion bloggers that I follow is because they’re great with color. Oftentimes I don’t have the pieces to recreate an outfit (and I’d rather be original with my outfits anyway), but I can still pull inspiration from them in terms of color combinations and pattern mixing. Tieka is [...]

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Curls, Pleats, & Changing Seasons


I got a perm this morning. Why did I, someone with natural curls, get a perm? I have very inconsistent, fussy curls, so I only had some of my hair loosely permed to even out the texture some. In these pictures, it’s in its poofy, post treatment, wind-blown, frizzy state. I’m really excited to wash [...]

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Curl Woes


This outfit was semi-inspired by this outfit Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky wore back in October. I love the cute little scarf paired with the stripes, so I figured I’d make use of the scarf I made yesterday. In other news, my hair is driving me nuts. I have naturally curly hair, but they’re very inconsistent [...]

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Friday Floral


I hope you’re having a GOOD FRIDAY! ha…ha. Spring (weather) is FINALLY here, so of course I had to wear floral to celebrate! This skirt is actually a dress. Ive seen this little trick done before, but I’ve never really had a dress that it would work with. This one actually has enough volume to [...]

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Glimmer of Spring


I braved the 46˚F spring weather, coatless, to take these pictures. Why is it still so cold?! Do you ever plan an outfit in your head…only to have it totally fail when you actually try it out? I had planned to wear a green sweater with these jeans for a monochromatic look, but I didn’t [...]

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Speed Walking

I saw someone else wearing a similar outfit a few months ago and I loved it, so I jotted a note to myself because I knew I could recreate it. I was happy that today was actually warn enough for me to expose my ankles, though the wind made it a bit chilly (and is [...]

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The Passersby Effect


So these photos are kinda hectic because right as my sister started taking them, I noticed some people walking down the street. Being that I still feel awkward taking pictures of myself (or even having my sister take pictures of me, for that matter), I started panicking and insisting that we wait until they pass. [...]

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Versatile Grays


I took these pictures just in time because it’s pouring outside now. I think it was supposed to be snow, but it ended up being too warm (hooray!). This skirt and this gingham shirt are both such versatile pieces. They’re neutral colors (gray), and the patterns are subtle/simple enough to where I’m willing to mix [...]

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