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Graceful Like a Deer

navy stripes and green skirt

Look how GREEN it is behind me! Isn’t that exciting? I love when the world starts to turn green again. And pink and purple and yellow. I had made a note to myself in my little blog notebook to do an outfit with a green skirt and a striped shirt. I’m assuming I made that [...]

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St. Patrick’s Day Links!


Above image – the only four leaf clover I’ve ever found was in Ireland. My friend was searching for one in a patch of clover, and I just looked down and there one was. Not even ten minutes later, I found 20 Euro on a solitary beach. Coincidence? I’m switching up weekend links and doing [...]

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Olives and Mint


I opened my dresser drawer to find my black tights, and these lovely olive ones greeted me. So much better than the black ones would have been! I like the way they look paired with this mint green sweater. I almost got rid of this skirt a few months ago.Then I happened upon this post [...]

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And the color of the year is…

Being a designer, I love all things Pantone. I particularly love the fashion color reports…even though the reports include too many colors to really dictate what I wear, they’re fun to look at because they have fashion designers craft looks around each color and provide a few words about it. I also really like that [...]

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Jumping Fun


I need to remember in the future that I have a dog and my backyard is her potty. To put it nicely, I spent a while cleaning my shoes after these pictures. Ew. I wore this to take my friend shopping at a consignment store about an hour away. It was the perfect outfit, really, [...]

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The Curly Noodle Detective


I’m not used to it getting dark before 8pm yet. So once again, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures until after dark. I bought this jacket in late spring so this fall is really the first opportunity I’ve had to wear it. My dad thinks it looks like a detective jacket. My sister [...]

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Fancy Pants

Yesterday you got to see one of my sister’s outfits from our weekend adventure, so today you get to see one of mine! Plus, a look at my spontaneous hat purchase. My two weaknesses in the realm of apparel – hats and shoes. top: secondhand Little Yellow Button; shorts: secondhand J. Crew; shoes: secondhand Converse; [...]

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6 Months of Favorites

I’ve had my blog for about six months now, so to celebrate, I dug up some of my favorite outfit posts I’ve done. I have 2 for each month minus November and only one for December (I took a hiatus for finals). Click the images to go to the original post. Which of these are [...]

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Somehow, throughout the course of my entire 22 years of existence, I have never heard Mardi Gras referred to as Fat Tuesday…until today. According to Wikipedia, it refers to “the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods…”, so I guess my eating of graham crackers and nutella right now is appropriate (though [...]

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