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Patterns x 3


Today I had a nice long lunch with one of my best friends, then a little later I had a three hour Skype date with another of my best friends. I was not the least bit productive today, but time spent with amazing friends is time well spent. I don’t get to see either of [...]

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Breaking the Rules


Yes, I’m wearing navy AND black AND brown. I didn’t want to wear black shoes because I’m wearing navy tights…and that looked awkward. I don’t have any navy shoes that would work with this outfit. So what do I do? I just throw another color in the mix – brown. I like that these shoes [...]

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Versatile Grays


I took these pictures just in time because it’s pouring outside now. I think it was supposed to be snow, but it ended up being too warm (hooray!). This skirt and this gingham shirt are both such versatile pieces. They’re neutral colors (gray), and the patterns are subtle/simple enough to where I’m willing to mix [...]

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An Engaging Discussion


Oy. I don’t really have anything to say today… …aaaand I’ve been sitting here for 5 minutes and still have nothing to say. I guess it happens to all of us sometimes. I promise I’ll try to be more engaging next time. Check out a couple other ways I’ve styled this skirt here and here. [...]

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It’s a Shorts Kinda Day

I got dressed this morning expecting to be cold. We’ve had really cold weather lately, so it didn’t cross mind mind that that would suddenly change. I was delighted to step outside to a pleasant 72˚F! So I guess shorts were appropriate. I’m just glad I chose a tee instead of the sweater I was [...]

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Perpetual Rain


So just pretend these pictures are supposed to look “vintage.” It has been raining non-stop all week. I looked it up on NOAA, and we’ve received somewhere around 3 inches of rain since Monday. I was out of town all day yesterday (eating sushi with a partially numb mouth, among other things), but I was [...]

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Pop of Purple


Last Tuesday, I returned to my beloved college to attend an event where all the Digital Video and Cinema (DVC) students debut their 20 minute films they spend the semester working on. I wasn’t a DVC student, but I did start out as one before switching to a different concentration. I have lots of friends [...]

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Holiday Dinner


Your Stuff and Kids’ Stuff‘s Christmas dinner was on Friday. In an attempt to be a little festive, I wore the Nordic inspired tee I made last week (tutorial here) with a sparkly skirt. Nearly everyone else was wearing jeans. Woohoo for always overdressing! I took these pictures at dusk…in the rain…in a hurry. Not [...]

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Garden Hopping

Last week, I gave you a tutorial for how to make a peter pan collar. Here’s how I styled it. These pictures were taken on a little adventure to a bog garden and some other garden close to the bog garden in North Carolina. top: secondhand Gap sweater, DIY collar sweater: Old Navy skirt: secondhand [...]

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Weekend Links!

image of Dragon’s Tooth, Va via maggarama on Instagram (follow me!) Relax a minute at calm.com. You can even change the location to your liking. Still not happy? How about a compliment…or three? A book about being a successful blogger. Watch the video! It’s cool. A neat tulip skirt tutorial. I did a post on how [...]

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