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What’s to Come

These are the last of my stocked up photos. I’m excited to start putting together some new outfits that are a little more creative than these last two have been. I’ve actually been having so many outfit ideas lately that I started writing them down…I’ve never been much of an ahead-of-time outfit planner, so that’s [...]

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Catching up on posts! These were taken in mid October, and look how green it was here then! I’m so used to living in my college town in the Shenandoah Valley where fall comes when you’d expect it to, so now that I’m home…not in the mountains…I felt like fall was never going [...]

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Fall Florals

Why did I decide to take pictures midday? I don’t know. I just got back from having my hair cut, so it’s loaded with product and looks yucky. I’m minimalistic when it comes to hair. I use as little product and as little heat as I can to get it to look decent. I prefer [...]

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Weekend Links!

image via A guide on how to dress for any occasion – from first impressions to religious events. A dad sends his son’s favorite toy to space. Cute video! Switzerland tourism commercials are great. So creative! If you have time, check out more of MySwitzerland’s videos. Iceland has some creative, crazy tourism videos, too. Obviously [...]

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First Fall Outfit of the Year!


Look at that crazy hair. Actually, it was a lot crazier a few weeks ago. The length it was a few weeks ago was too short for my natural curls to manifest themselves but also too short to straighten easily, so it just threw a headband on most days and said who cares. Now that [...]

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Weekend Links!

image via How to roll your sleeves…properly, and other fashion tips from a J. Crew stylist. More tips from that same stylist. A guide on how to do a seasonal closet switch. Amazing photos from the insides of musical instruments. A blogger I just discovered who is amazing (and daring) at mixing patterns and textures. [...]

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Fall Trends 2012


I used to look at Lucky magazine for fashion inspiration, but then I discovered Real Simple. My life doesn’t REVOLVE around fashion, so I found Real Simple to be a lot more engaging. It has a style & beauty section (that’s a lot more realistic and achievable than the stuff in many fashion magazines), but [...]

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Weekend Links!

(Image via modern hepburn) Crazy denim trends for fall. And I thought people wear crazy shoes today. Check out these shoes from the 30s. Fall essentials from the Vault Files. I want this camera! About a thousand dollars cheaper than buying a lens. I found this picture on Pinterest and it made me laugh. On [...]

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Teal Time!

In the September issue of Real Simple, they say the color of the season (fall, that is) is teal. I’m happy because I LOVE teal! I was so inspired by the article that I made a display at the store based on it: The Real Simple style experts suggested three color pairings. From left to [...]

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